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About us


In 2004 the owners of the famous company called “Ellips”-The Security systems found the “Elwood Furniture” on the basis of Italian and Spanish ultra-modern woodworking numerical program control (NPC) - industrial machines. “Elwood Furniture” differs from the other analogous companies by its fundamentally new technical equipment, and above all ideologies of services and products to the American consumer.

The Reality of Your Fantasy - “Elwood Furniture”.


In “Elwood Furniture” we create infinite facilities for any, most daring fantasies of Your designer, because our technical facilities allow us to create any three-dimensional bent or round surface, and used leads are from the most usual (oak, beech, ash, mahogany,…) to the most exotic (zebrawood, ebon, bamboo, rosewood …) create a so-called «handmade» effect by comparatively low prices for the analogous furniture.  Furthermore, such interesting “instruments” like lamination, various kinds of coverings, and multifunctional lacquers are presented in the arsenal of our facilities.

“Elwood Furniture”- Flight of Your Imagination.


Infinite technical facilities of “Elwood Furniture” with the speed of implementation of any order over a shortest period of time- ideal operated system both for the one time orders even of one stub pole  and making design of a huge establishment or cottage. In either of the cases, “Elwood Furniture”- The Exclusivity of Your Decision is  guaranteed.


“Elwood Furniture” has created a unique opportunity of cooperation both with professional architects and designers and just with those who want to realize his/her individual desires. We can offer you all the conditions (creative-designers, architects, developers, etc.) at our company. Sketch Your  idea on a sheet of paper or just on a paper napkin, or just tell us your design-fantasies and our specialists will surprise You with the quality and time of execution in short time. Come over us just for consultations-we are ready to listen to You and give a professional assistance.

“Elwood Furniture”-Advices of specialists.


“Elwood Furniture” has created ideal conditions for designer and architect students. The all computer and technical potential of the company is free of charge for students who want to become true interior specialists. It's a great “polygon” for the realization of the most unusual and fresh ideas. All designs or just sketches will be carefully analysed by our specialists, after which they will be paid by “Elwood Furniture”. In addition, at the annual competition “Elwood Furniture” for Future the best students will be prepared free of charge, and after completing studies will be accepted for employment.

“Elwood Furniture”- Let’s think about the future.

Technical part

Modern machine tool holding, ultra-modern imported equipment, super software, big range of materials and high-precision assemblages allow to execute the imaginative ideas. Special glues and lacquers allow to assemble prominent and uneven surfaces with a high term of exploitation both in interior and moist spots (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) Design-studio situated in the thick of the town gives convenient opportunity for entering into communication both with costumers and professional designers and architects.

“Elwood Furniture”- Quality deserving You.